Q: What is a Designation?

A: Scroll down to the last option, “Designations”, underneath the “Additional Sections” menu to view which programs are available to apply to, to select a new program to apply to, select a different semester to apply to, or to view upcoming deadlines. On the “Designations” page you can review the programs available at different schools and select which program designations you would like to apply to. Before submitting your application check to make sure you are applying to the right program designation and are eligible to apply to that program. Some program designations require that you are already a Registered Nurse (RN), have a prior degree, or meet other criteria to apply. Additionally, some schools only allow you to apply to one program designation. You can research the program(s) or find contact information for the school by visiting the Participating Nursing Programs section of the application and clicking on the school’s Web sites and supplemental information (if applicable). Please note,  all deadlines are 11:59pm EASTERN time on the date listed. You must apply to at least one program to submit your application to NursingCAS.