E-Submission & Payment

Application Fees

Q: What is the charge for the NursingCAS application?

A: The charge for using NursingCAS is the following:

Undergraduate Programs
1st Designation – $45.00 and each additional designation is $30.00 per designation.
Graduate Programs
1st Designation- $65.00 and each additional designation is $35.00 per designation.

Your designated Nursing program(s) may also require you to send a supplemental fee directly to the institution.

Q: Am I able to pay my application fee with a personal check?

A: No. NursingCAS does not accept personal checks.

Q: How do I pay my application fee with a money order?

A: You can pay for your application by sending a money order payable in U.S. funds to NursingCAS. You should include your name, NursingCAS ID number and the NursingCAS payment form.

** Once you select the money order option, instructions will follow on how to print the NursingCAS payment form.

Q: Where do I mail my payment?

A: You will mail your payment to mailing address:

P.O. Box 9201
Watertown, MA 02471

Q: How do I pay my application fee with a credit card?

A: You can pay for your application with a credit card once you have e-submitted your completed application. NursingCAS accepts MasterCard and Visa.

** Please note that payments CAN NOT be taken by phone.

Q: Can I change my payment option once I e-submit my application?

A: No. Once you have selected a payment option, it can not be changed after you e-submit your application.

Q: Is there a refund for the NursingCAS application?

A: No. Once processing beings, refunds cannot be made.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have submitted your application, processing will begin.

Q: Is there a fee waiver for the NursingCAS application?

A: No. Fee waivers are currently not available for applicants to NursingCAS programs.

Q: What is the NursingCAS returned payment policy?

A: NursingCAS charges a returned payment fee of $35 for chargeback’s to your credit card. NursingCAS will notify you of the chargeback. During that time, you will be informed to pay the original fee along with the penalty fee by money order within 10 business days. NursingCAS will stop the processing of your application and the nursing schools will be informed.

Refunds/Withdrawing the Application

Q: How do I withdraw my application?

A: After you have submitted your materials, if you wish to withdraw your application for admission, just include your NursingCAS #ID and the sentence “I authorize NursingCAS to withdraw my application from the current application cycle.” Furthermore I understand that none of this information can be reactivated for a succeeding application cycle.

Q: How can I obtain a refund for the NursingCAS application if I withdraw my application or no longer wish to apply to a particular school?

A: Once processing begins, refunds cannot be made. Please note that once you submit your application, processing has begun.

Q: Can I obtain a refund if I miss a deadline?

A: No. If you have not met the appropriate requirements set by the nursing program, no refund can be issued. It is up to the applicant to research each program for deadline requirements before submitting their application.