Document Upload

This section allows you to upload FIVE documents into your application. These documents can contain specific information that your school wants to view. For example, you can upload your CV/Resume, RN License, Goal Statement, Residency Information, Official Test scores or any other school-specific requirements. Since not all schools require this information, it is marked as an optional area of the NursingCAS application, please contact your designated program to determine what documents they may require.

  • NursingCAS recommends that you do not upload all five of your documents at the beginning of your application, so you will have the ability to add new documents later in the cycle if needed.
  • Once a document has been uploaded and you submit your application, you will NOT be able to edit the document and/or delete it.
  • If you do not attach a document to a designation, your designation will NOT be able to view this file. You must attach the document to the school in the Designations section of the application in order for your designation to have access to view it. Please see “Designations” for more specific instructions.
  • Each file cannot be larger than 2mb.
  • The accepted file formats are MS Word (.doc) and (.docs), rich Text Format (rtf), Portable Document Format (.pdf) and ASCII Text file (.txt)

The NursingCAS application does not support PDF forms. (PDF forms are any PDF files that contain one or more form fields where you must type in the answer on the form.) If your school requires supplemental documents that are in a PDF form format be uploaded into the application, there are a couple different ways to do so.

  1. You can fill out the PDF form, print it, scan it and save the new file and upload it into the application.
  2. You can fill out the PDF form, then in the PDF viewing tool, select the snapshot tool (edit snapshot or the camera button), click anywhere on the page to select the entire page, open a Word doc and paste in the copied information. You can then upload this files as a Word doc or save it as a PDF file and upload it.

Steps to upload a document

Step 1: Select Document Upload

Step 2: In “Upload New File” Box, select “Browse”

Step 3: Locate file and add

Step 4: Hit Submit


Note: If you receive an “Invalid mime-type” error when attempting to upload your file, please try to open the file using the appropriate application in order to confirm that the file is indeed a valid file.