Personal Statement

The essay section is intended to give you the opportunity to submit a personal statement to each school to which you are applying. USING YOUR OWN WORDS, in the space provided (5,000 character count, this is about 700 words), write a brief statement expressing your motivation or desire to become a Nurse. You are encouraged to save your work often in the event that you are timed out of the system.

You are encouraged to compose your statement in a text-only word processor (e.g., Notepad), review your statement for errors, then cut and paste the final version into the text box. You are limited to 5,000 characters, including spaces. Note: If you paste text from some word processing programs (i.e. Microsoft Word) certain formatting characters such as angled quotes, accents, and other special characters will not display properly. Please review your final text and make corrections to the format as necessary.


Adding a Personal Statement

Step 1: Click “Add New Entry”


Step 2: Enter “Essay Title”

Step 3: Enter statement/description
Note: You may copy and paste the statement from a Microsoft Word document. Please remember to insert a couple spaces after the last sentence to generate a character count.


Step 4: Click Submit and return to Personal Statement Review page, where you will notice your Personal Statement information

Entering More Than One Statement:

If you are applying to multiple schools and want to make your statements specific to each school follow the instructions above, and name additional essays with different unique descriptions. To assign essays to specific schools, click the “ADD NEW ENTRY” link once you have selected your school designations and choose the appropriate essay from the drop-down menu that appears.

The Statement review page

To update your Statement click on the blue title to your Professional Statement. To delete a Statement click the red SUBMIT button under Actions on the Right side of the screen

PLEASE NOTE: The personal statement is not required for admission at every institution. Please contact each institution for specific requirements.