Over the course of the NursingCAS application cycle, you will have the opportunity to add up to six references.  All references are completed online through an Evaluator Portal and no e-mailed or mailed letters of recommendation will be accepted by NursingCAS.  Please be advised that NursingCAS is not responsible for verifying an evaluator’s identity.  If a discrepancy is found, NursingCAS reserves the right to contact the applicant or evaluator to investigate.  Below are some helpful hints for this section:

  • ALL letters of recommendation are done through the Evaluator Portal.
  • As per the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, NursingCAS may not release letters of reference to anyone other than your designated schools, including the applicant or references themselves.
  • Once a reference is “complete,” you cannot delete the reference.
  • You can choose which reference to submit to your designations.  If you are going to use the same reference for multiple designations, advise your reference to be vague when they are talking about schools/programs in which you may be applying too.
  • If your reference is having any issues with the Evaluator Portal/Reference, please have them contact NursingCAS directly.
  • You must attach your references to the specific designation in order for your designation to access the letter of recommendation. See “Designations” for specific instructions.

Steps to Adding a New Reference

Step 1: Click “Add New Entry” in Reference Section



Step 2: Choose “Yes” or “No” to “Do you want to waive your right of access to this letter of recommendation?

  • Yes – You are waiving the right to see the recommendation.
  • No – You have the opportunity to view the recommendation. You must contact your reference directly to obtain the reference.  NursingCAS will not be able to provide access to the letter of recommendation

Step 3: Enter all required information: Title, Name, Occupation and E-mail Address
Note: If you do not select “Other” as an occupation, you should not type anything into the “Describe Occupation if Other:” section.

Step 4 (Optional): Write a comment to your reference


Step 5: Click on Submit

Upon submitting this information, an email will be generated to your reference.  This email includes a link to the Evaluator Portal, a Username and Password.  Please advise your references to monitor their spam/junk folders as some email systems filter certain email addresses. If your reference has any issues obtaining this email or accessing the Evaluator Portal, please have them contact NursingCAS Customer Service directly.


Changing References

If you decide to change a reference name, use the delete button and add the new reference information. This can only be done if the reference’s status is listed as “New” or “In Progress.” Once a reference is received and the status switches to “Completed” the reference cannot be changed in any way by the applicant or the evaluator.

Applicant Responsibility

Once your request for references has been made, it is your responsibility to monitor the status of your Letters of References, even after you e-submit your application. It is up to you to ensure that your evaluators complete the Letters of Reference in a timely manner. NursingCAS advises that all references be complete by your designation’s application deadline. NursingCAS programs may not consider applicants who submit late materials. NursingCAS does not enforce reference deadlines and will process your references to your designated programs even if it is past their deadline.

For more information regarding Letters of Reference, please refer to the FAQs or click here.