Each NursingCAS applicant is required to report ALL coursework from U.S./Canadian post-secondary institutions attended as closely as possible to how it appears on your official transcript. If you do not list any coursework for your U.S./Canadian institutions, you will not be able to e-submit your application. Below are some helpful hints about entering your coursework. Note: you can view the YouTube video on entering coursework at any time for a visual reference.

  • Obtain a copy of your transcript from ALL institutions attended (do not just use one that may have transfer credits from each institution).
  • A session is equal to a Semester, Quarter, Trimester or a Unit
  • Until you enter the coursework for your Colleges Attended, you will get a notification saying “No Sessions Found.” The Colleges Attended section and the Coursework section are linked.
  • Transfer credits should appear under the original institution attended, do not list the course under every institution where the credits transferred.
  • You cannot list coursework for Foreign or Unaccredited Military Institutions
  • You must include failed, withdrawn, audited, incomplete and repeated courses
  • You must include all pass/failed coursework, courses that you may not have received a grade (i.e. Labs), and you must include all non-academic courses like Physical Education and Music.
  • Be sure to click SUBMIT after you have entered your Session/Course information.
  • If you complete a new course, please make sure that you add a new completed session, and send NursingCAS your updated transcripts.  Do not forget to hit the “Update My Application” icon after you update this section.

In order to enter coursework, you must first add the Session during which the coursework was taken. To add a new Session to your Coursework section, click the “Add New Session” button and enter the following required information:

Name of College or University

Select the school at which the coursework was taken from the drop-down. Only the schools that you have added to your Colleges and Universities Attended section will appear in this menu.

Academic Status

Select Lower Division (Fr/So), Upper Division (Jr/Sr), (Graduate, Technical/Vocational, Professional, Remedial or Post Baccalaureate from the drop-down menu. The Session’s Academic Status will determine which GPA the coursework will affect. Coursework entered into a Technical/Vocational Session will not be calculated into any GPAs. You should only designate a term as Technical/Vocational if it contains only Technical/Vocational coursework and was not taken while enrolled at the school in a degree-granting program.
Coursework_Session_Academic Status


Select Winter, Interim, Spring, Summer or Fall from the drop-down menu.

Term Type

Select Quarter, Semester, Trimester, or Unit from the drop-down menu. Be sure to check your transcripts to determine your course credit type for each school; entering the incorrect Term Type will affect your GPAs.


Please indicate the year of attendance


Select the Session Year, as indicated by your transcript.Session Status

Select either Completed or Planned/In Progress. You will not be required to enter grades for coursework listed in a Planned/In Progress Session.

Adding Coursework

Once you save the information for a Session, you will be prompted to enter the first course for that Session. For any additional courses that you would like to add to the Session, you must click the ADD COURSE link in the appropriate Session heading bar on your main Coursework page.

For each course that you add, you will be required to enter the following information:

Course Title

Type the name of the course as closely as possible to how it appears on your transcript. If you cannot fit the full name of the course in this field, be sure to use an abbreviation that can be easily understood.

Course Prefix and Number

Type the full Course Prefix and Number (e.g. PHYS 101) of the course exactly as they appear on your transcript.

Course Subject

Select English, Math, Natural Sciences, Other Courses, or Social Sciences from the drop-down. Be sure to use the Course Subject list to determine which Course Subjects to assign to your coursework. To access the list, click the link below the drop-down menu. For a detailed list of courses and course subjects, please view the Educational History FAQ’s section.

Number of Credit Hours

Select the appropriate Credit value for the course in terms of Credit Hours (e.g. 1 Credit = 4 Semester hours). In most cases your transcript will display credit in terms of Credit Hours, but if your transcript indicates 1 Credit or Unit for each course, check the back of the transcript for conversion information. Enter the number of credit hours attempted, not the number earned.

Grade Type

Check the appropriate grade type you were awarded for each course. Letter refers to A, A-, B+ etc. If your institution uses a Numeric grading system, enter the grade as it appears on your transcript and then select the equivalent letter grade from the Transcript Grade section.

Transcript Grade (Letter)

Click this field and select the appropriate grade from the drop-down menus in the window that appears. Enter your grade exactly as it is listed on your transcript. If the grade that is listed on your transcript is not available in the drop-down, select the closest approximation. Be sure to click SAVE after you have selected your grade.
Coursework_Course_Letter Grade

Grade using NursingCAS conversion table

This field will populate automatically if you entered a letter grade for the previous question. If you entered numeric grades for the previous question, select the corresponding letter grade from the drop-down menu according to the NursingCAS conversion table displayed below:

NursingCAS Weight
















NursingCAS Grade
















Numeric Value of NursingCAS Grade

This information will populate automatically once the previous question has been answered. Due to the standardization of NursingCAS grades, the numeric value of the NursingCAS grade may vary from the value of the grade as indicated on your transcript.
Coursework_Course_Numeric Grade

Special Classification

Select the appropriate Special Classification for each course according to the following guidelines:

  • Regular (Non-Nursing): Use this for any general coursework that does not fall into any of the below categories.
  • Nursing: Use this for any coursework taken in the study of “Nursing.”
  • *Advanced Placement: Use this to mark credit listed on your transcript for an AP® exam.
  • *Audit: Use this to mark classes listed as “Audit” on your official transcript(s).
  • Honors: Use this to mark a course for which you received Honors credit.
  • *Deferred: Use this mark classes listed as “Deferred” on your official transcript(s).
  • *Pass/Fail: Use this to mark a course that is classified as “Pass/Fail.”
  • *Exempted: Use this to marl a course that is classified as “Exempted.”
  • Repeat: Use this to mark the final attempt at a course that was repeated to improve a grade. Refer to the Repeated Courses section below for more detailed instructions.
  • *Study Abroad: Use this to mark a course that you took as part of a Study Abroad program. Refer to the Study Abroad section below for more detailed instructions.
  • *CLEP/Regents/: Use this to mark credit listed on your transcript for a College Level Examination Program® exam. Use this to mark credit listed on your transcript for a Regents® Exam
  • *International Baccalaureate: Use this to mark credit from an International Baccalaureate program.
  • *Institutional/Departmental Exam: Use this to mark credit granted by the institution for a placement or equivalency exam.
  • *Incomplete: Please use this to mark classes listed as “Incomplete” on your official transcript.
    *Courses marked with this special classification will not be included in any GPA calculations.
    Coursework_Course_Special Classification

NursingCAS will verify the course information you report in your application against your official transcripts and report any discrepancies to your selected schools. NursingCAS will not enter your courses for you. If you have major errors or omissions in your coursework entry, NursingCAS will consider your application incomplete and will reopen your application to you to make the necessary corrections.

Applicants Responsibility

NursingCAS is not responsible for delays due to incorrectly entered coursework. It is the applicant’s responsibility to monitor the application online after it has been e-submitted to insure that all information was entered correctly and no further action is required.

Types of Coursework


NursingCAS defines a remedial coursework sessions as any coursework classified by the institution under “Remedial” Classification.

Technical/Vocational Coursework

NursingCAS defines vocational coursework as any courses taken after high school that were not part of a degree program and were intended to provide vocational training. Examples include certification classes for automechanic or computer repair training or cosmetology school. Be advised that if you classify a Session or Course as ‘Technical/Vocational,’ the courses will not be calculated into the final GPA. However, this information may be used by the admissions committees in the evaluation process.

Professional Coursework

NursingCAS defines professional coursework as coursework where a certificate or diploma is earned, and ANY coursework higher than a Master’s Degree. Be advised that if you classify an Academic Status as ‘Professional,’ the courses will not be calculated into the final GPA. However, this information will be used by the programs in the evaluation process. Upon request from a program, you may be required to provide them with a transcript for your professional coursework.

Graduate Coursework

NursingCAS defines graduate coursework as any post-undergraduate, non-vocational coursework. For example, this coursework would include courses taken towards a Master’s Program.

Post-baccalaureate Coursework

Post-baccalaureate work consists of academic study undertaken after earning a bachelor’s degree. It can be defined as coursework taken, toward certification in some specialty, or coursework that does not result in a certificate or a degree.

Study Abroad Coursework

Study abroad is identified by NursingCAS as courses that are taken through a foreign institution while the student is enrolled at a U.S. Institution.

If you have attended a study abroad program sponsored by a U.S. institution and all courses, hours, and grades appear on the U.S. transcripts as regular itemized credit, you must list those courses in the coursework section, set “Study Abroad” as their Special Classification, and make sure that NursingCAS receives the official transcript for the school that granted official (not transfer) credit for these courses. If all courses and/or grades do not appear on your home institution transcript, or if these courses are listed as transfer credit, you must have a transcript sent from the foreign institution where you attended the classes and you must list that institution in your Colleges and Universities Attended page. If you are required to send a non-US transcript for Study Abroad coursework, you are not required to enter the individual courses onto the Coursework page.

International (Foreign) Coursework

Participating schools may have differing requirements for the evaluation of foreign coursework. Please refer to the school specific instructions in determining which documentation should be submitted. Please forward all equivalency evaluations and foreign coursework assessments to NursingCAS.

Overseas U.S. Institution Coursework

If you attended a NursingCAS-recognized overseas U.S. institution, list all courses attempted and credits earned in this section. NursingCAS will consider coursework from an overseas U.S. institution in the same manner as U.S. coursework written in English. For a list of overseas U.S. institutions, review the transcript instructions within the FAQs.

Repeated Coursework

If you repeated a course at the same institution, enter both courses into the coursework section. Include the hours and grades received for each and enter “Repeat” as the course type for both courses. Even if your school offers a forgiveness policy, NursingCAS will calculate both grades into your GPA.

How to Update Planned/In Progress Coursework

It is the applicant’s responsibility to update newly completed coursework in the coursework section of the application. If an applicant has Planned/In Progress courses listed in the coursework section of their application, it is their responsibility to update these courses with the grade, once the courses have been completed.

In order to complete this, the applicant must log back into the coursework section of their application, add a new session, mark it as completed and then enter the completed coursework for that session. Once this has been completed, the applicant must submit the updates back to NursingCAS, by going to the main page of their application, scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking the “Update My Application” button. Please note, all previously entered Planned/In Progress will remain at the bottom of the coursework section. You will not be able to delete these courses.


Applicants will then need to submit an updated official transcript, which contains the newly completed coursework and grades. Once NursingCAS has received the updated application and the updated transcript, the new courses will be verified and added into the GPA calculations.