Secondary (High) School, Colleges Attended & College Degrees

In this section, you will enter your educational background. There are THREE areas to this section which need to be complete. You must report ALL institutions attended only ONCE, regardless of the number of degrees or gaps in the dates of attendance. Below are some helpful tips on completing this section and click the links for full instructions on how to complete each area.

Secondary (High) School

  • You must report all Secondary (High) Schools attended
  • If you are a direct high school admit, please have official high school transcripts sent to NursingCAS.
  • If home schooled, enter the School Name as “Home Schooled”
  • If you received a GED, enter the School Name as “GED”

Please add New Entry for each high school attended. If you’re a direct high school admit please have official high school transcripts sent to NursingCAS. If you are not a direct high school admit, do not send the high school transcripts.

High School Graduate

Check the appropriate “Yes or No” response as to your high school graduation status.

School Name

List the school name as listed on your official high school transcript. If home schooled please enter “home schooled.”

City and Country

List the city or town your high school is located. Select the correct country your high school is located from the pull down menu.

Dates of Attendance

Enter the beginning and end dates of attendance, or anticipated end date, regardless of gaps in attendance.


Colleges Attended

  • You must list every institution attended even if the courses taken are not required for admission or transferred to another institution.
  • Please list each institution only ONCE no matter how many degrees you have or gaps in the dates of attendance.
  • Foreign institutions must be listed; however, NursingCAS does not require transcripts. If your designation requires you to submit a foreign evaluation, it must be the official copy.
  • Until you enter your coursework, you will get a notification saying “No Sessions Found” for the respective school.

Steps to enter a College Attended

Step 1: Select Colleges Attended from the “Add New Entry” section of the Secondary (High) School, Colleges Attended & College Degrees section and click “ADD”

Step 2: Select the college group from the drop down menu
Colleges Attended_Group

Step 3: Select College State from the drop down menu
Note: If you’re entering a Non-US/Canadian (Foreign) Institution, you will not have to select this
Colleges Attended_State


Step 4: Select a college from the drop down menu
Colleges Attended_College

Step 5: Select the Month and Year of starting and end of this institution
Note: No matter if there are gaps in attendance, you only enter an institution once.


Step 6: Select Submit

**Please note: Once you enter a College Attended, you will see a “No Sessions Found” notification.  This notification will continue to stay on your application until you enter your coursework into your coursework section.
SecondaryAttendedDegree_No Sessions Found

Applicant Responsibility

It is the applicant’s responsibility to monitor their application for transcript receipt, even after you have submitted your application. NursingCAS will NOT notify applicants concerning missing transcripts. Furthermore, NursingCAS cannot complete the processing of your application without receiving ALL official transcripts.


College Degrees

  • You must report at least one degree. If you have not received a degree and are not planning to receive a degree, please select “No Degree,” and then “No Degree Planned.”
  • If you are expecting to receive a degree, Please select the appropriate degree and then select “Degree Expected.”
  • If you have earned a degree, please select the appropriate degree and then select “Degree Earned.”

Please note, you must enter degree information for at least one school in order to complete your Secondary (High School), Colleges Attended & College Degrees section.


Steps for entering a College Degree

Step 1: Select the Name of the institution for which you are entering degree information.

Step 2: Enter the degree you have obtained.

Step 3: Enter degree. Select “No Degree Planned,” “Degree Expected,” or “Degree Awarded.” Date Degree Earned or Anticipated.

Step 4: Enter the date in which you earned or expect to earn the first degree. If you will not earn a degree from this institution, leave the field blank.

Step 5: Major for Degree. Enter official major course of study at the institution, if applicable. Select “No Major” if none.

Step 6: Second Major or Minor for Degree. Enter second official major or minor course of study at the institution, if applicable. For instance, you completed a double major as an undergraduate student. Select “No Major” if none.

Step 7: Click Submit


  • NursingCAS does not accept electronic transcripts.
  • As per the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, NursingCAS may not release transcripts to anyone other than your designated schools, including the applicant themselves.
  • Enter ALL of your institutions attended into your Colleges Attended section, to the right of the college/university attended, click the gray box “Transcript Request Form” and print the document.
  • You must have all US/Canadian Transcripts directly to NursingCAS from the College/Universities Registrar’s Office.
  • If your current name is different from the one listed on your transcript, you MUST include both your current name and former name on the Transcript Request Form and within the Biographical Information section of your application.
  • NursingCAS requires all Foreign transcripts be evaluated for U.S. equivalency (See FAQs for more information.)
  • Deadline requirements are determined by individual programs. It is always prudent to send NursingCAS all of your transcripts as early as possible and certainly no less than 5–6 weeks before your first deadline. NursingCAS does not enforce transcript deadlines and will forward your completed file to your designated program(s) even if your transcript arrives late. Please send all transcripts to:

    Mailing Address:                          Physical Address:
    NursingCAS                                         NursingCAS Transcript Department
    Transcript Department                     c/o Liaison International
    P.O. Box 9201                                      311 Arsenal St. Suite 15
    Watertown, MA 02471                      Watertown, MA 02472

*NOTE:  Sending transcripts via overnight postal service (UPS, FedEx, or USPS Express) only expedites mail time, it does not expedite processing time.

Since NursingCAS 2.0 will be closing on February 15th, 2015, NursingCAS will no longer be processing any transcripts to this application cycle AFTER March 6th, 2015.

Transcript Request Form

The Secondary (High) School & Colleges Attended section of the NursingCAS application allows you to print Transcript Request Forms. NursingCAS strongly recommends that you print and advise your high school administration office and /or registrar’s office to attach a Transcript Request Form to your official transcript. This form helps NursingCAS properly match your official transcripts to your NursingCAS application. If your current name is different from the name listed on your transcript, you MUST include both your current and former name on the Transcript Request Form.

How to Print a Transcript Request Form

  1. Login to your NursingCAS application, and select the Secondary (High) School & Colleges Attended section from the Application Checklist
  2. To the left of each of your Institutions Attended you’ll find a link for the Transcript Request form
  3. Click the link associated with the Institution for which you want to print a Transcript Request form. This will initiate the download of a PDF file. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the File.
  4. Print out and then complete the form and submit it to the Registrar Office of the institution.
  5. Be sure to advise the high school administrative office and/or Registrar Office to enclose the Transcript Request Form with your official sealed transcript and mail it directly to the NursingCAS Transcript Processing Center. NursingCAS has difficulties matching official transcripts that are not accompanied by the Transcript Request Form, which can result in a delay in processing your application.
  6. Be sure to print, complete, and mail the Transcript Request form for each institution you’ve entered as having attended.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each of your Transcript Request Forms is unique. Each form has the name of an institution indicated on it, which must NOT be altered. Please be sure to send the correct form to each of your institutions. Transcripts sent without the appropriate Transcript Request form may result in the delay of your application.