Why Do I Need To Enter My Coursework?

In order to verify your course work to help schools make admissions decisions, this data must be entered into your application. Nursing and admissions staff review and evaluate hundreds of transcripts (depending on the size of applicant pool) when making admissions decisions. It can be difficult to evaluate applicant course work when different schools report it in different ways and transcripts vary in look. Typically schools do hand GPA calculations, and the volume of applicants they review can lead to human error. The verification process helps to cut down on human error, which benefits both applicants and nursing programs.

NursingCAS and participating schools realize that course work entry can be a time consuming process depending on the amount of course work information an applicant needs to enter. According to data from an applicant survey, it takes on average two hours to complete the course work section. And the time it will take you depends on the number of courses you need to enter. You can save your work as you go along and come back to the application at a different time to finish up this section before you e-submit your application. Additionally, make sure you have a copy of your transcripts on hand when you work on this section. Course work entry is a very important part of the application process. Schools need this data in order to make informed admissions decisions. By entering in your own course work, you have control over the process.

Entering coursework is a common and standard expectation for students applying to health science programs such as dentistry, physical therapy, pharmacy, public health, podiatry, veterinary, chiropractic, occupational therapy, physician’s assistant, audiology, communications sciences, optometry, health administration, and naturopathic medicine. All applicants to the health sciences mentioned previously, enter in their course work as part of the application process. There are resources available to assist you with completing this section, including this short instructional video, http://youtu.be/R_LqxDRupIY, extensive instructions, and FAQs.